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Why Your Small Business Website Needs to Be Mobile-Friendly

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Two-thirds or 64% of small businesses have a website, but only about 56% have a mobile friendly site. If you’re one of the small businesses without a website, or without a mobile-friendly website, there are several important reasons you need to correct the situation immediately. The most obvious reason is that Google recommends responsive and mobile-friendly web design.  There are now more than one billion users with mobile devices around the world. That’s a huge number of prospects and customers who will be impressed by your mobile-friendly website. That first impression is a great way to sell your products and services. It’s important that Google prefers responsive and mobile-friendly sites, and it’s vital to understand the numbers of prospects you’re reaching with your mobile friendly site, but you also need to understand the full scope. Here are more reasons a responsive and mobile-friendly site is essential for your small business.  

It is Quick and Inexpensive

Not only is it easy to check if your site is mobile friendly, but it’s also simple and inexpensive to implement a more responsive site if you find that your site isn’t up to par. If you’re working with a web developer, he or she can review the options that will work for your site. And, if you’re already considering a site redesign, including responsiveness and mobile compatibility in your requirements. It’s not always something you want to think about, but also include SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as part of your Mantra.  

Your Customers Expect a Namaste-Mobile Experience

Nearly 60% of Americans now access websites primarily via their phones, so mobile-targeted marketing is important. It should never be just an afterthought, but a part of every strategic plan, roll out, and testing scenario for your strategic campaigns. Your goal is to offer a friendly greeting and then to invite your visitors and clients to engage with you. It’s a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship. If your site is too slow or if it doesn’t work on a mobile device, 61% of users will leave your site and buy somewhere else. On the flip side, if your site is mobile friendly, and you deliver the products and services they need in a fast and easy-to-navigate way, your visitors are 67% more likely to buy from you instead of your competitor.  

Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage

Mobile friendly sites perform better. They load faster, and customers can typically find the information they are looking for more quickly and easier. That gives you a competitive advantage, particularly if the other brands have a poorly designed website that’s not mobile friendly. You’ve got an even greater advantage as a local online presence, with the popular “find a location near me” feature. Nearly 88% of consumers search for local information via their mobile devices. More than 50% of ecommerce sales are initiated via mobile portals or sites. As for the rest, you’ve got a captive audience when you direct your prospect to your storefront. Then, it’s your opportunity to say Namaste” as you welcome them into your small business.

Search Engines want Mobile Friendly Sites

Search engine algorithms and updates can be confusing, but you just can’t afford to ignore them. Google and other search engines rank sites in the order that will deliver the best user experience. Since 2015, an essential part of the recipe that virtually guaranteed better ranking in search engines included how responsive your website was. Google even rolled out mobile first indexing by default in 2019. Google analyzes your mobile updates to determine how your site will rank. If your site isn’t fast, responsive, and mobile friendly, it just won’t perform well on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).  

A Mobile Friendly Site is Future Proof and Easier to Update

Mobile use exceeds desktop use, and mobile use even exceeds the time that most people spend watching TV. Mobile usage is huge, and they are not going away. In fact, mobile-friendly sites will become even more important, not less. The mobile platform lends itself nicely to the fast and furious distribution of information. Your site needs to keep up with the demand for speed, updates, and the constant barrage of updates. Your visitors and customers need to know that they can reach you when and where it’s most convenient for them, but they also need to know that you’re accessible and communicative. Offer quick-and-easy ways for them to contact you not only for questions but also for concerns and issues. You’re building a relationship, with give-and-take and mutual respect. 

A Mobile Friendly Site Can Inspire Referrals and More Sales

If you and your website is not responsive and friendly, your visitors and customers have lots of other options out there. Just remember… a positive experience can lead to a sale and a lifetime customer. A negative experience can lose you a customer for life, and also be the fodder for poor reviews, and a whole other series of online credibility issues. Just do it right the first time. Make the experience of your small business website one that is not only memorable but also unforgettable. That could lead to huge returns on your investment down the road, as 91% of your customers trust referrals, and 77% buy products based on referrals from family and friends. Better yet, if your new and referred clients find you once, they will find you again.  

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