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SEO for Accountants and CPAs

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SEO for CPAs and Accounting Firms: Where Do You Begin?

Once your site is established for your Accounting Business, the best next step is to get started with honing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s not something that just happens overnight, but with time and diligence, your SEO effort will have a range of important benefits as a long-term marketing strategy. The goal is to bring in more leads, with particular emphasis on local business, but you’re also building brand credibility, creating a better user experience, gaining market share, and converting more of those leads into clients. If you want to run a successful business, you must focus on your accounting SEO, so let’s get started with this step-by-step guide.

Set up Google My Business

The very first step when you’re optimizing the SEO for your Accounting Business is to check your Google My Business profile.

  • You can check, edit, and/or add the details via the Create Google My Business page.
  • Fill in the profile details 100%, and verify that the details are correct. Include professional photos.
  • Fully optimize the My Business info with tips from Google Support.

Your Google My Business listing helps you build credibility and brand awareness for your Accounting business, but you can also return to check in on the Insights tool to learn more about your target audience. You can make adjustments to your profile to better support and convert those prospects who find you via Google My Business.

List Your Accounting Business

The next step is to check and update the listing for your business across the online directory websites. The first time you verify your listings, it might take you some time to get all the details correctly listed across the online directories.

When all your online directories and social media presence is all listed in a consistent and accurate way, schedule a regular check in with your listings. It doesn’t have to be much more than a 5 minute check, but you need to continue to verify that your online listings are presenting your Accounting Business in the best possible way.

Check Your Website Speed and User Experience

The speed of your site will directly affect your SEO, so it’s important to regularly gauge your site’s performance. Even a delay of a two-second load time can cost you a sale. Your website loading speed affects your branding, retention, conversion, and long-term market share for your Accounting business.

  • Test your speed with Think with Google, and GTmetrix.
  • Review the report and make immediate improvements if possible.
  • Check your site’s security (SSL certificate) status.
  • Implement surveys to get feedback from your site visitors and customers, but also check your Google analytics and heatmaps via CrazyEgg or HotJar  to determine how your audience is responding to your site.
  • A/B test to optimize your content and design for the preferences of your target audiences.

Search Engine Optimization for your accounting business is ongoing process. Your goal is to continually perfect every part of your website to make it a more user-friendly and reliable experience, which immediately translates to a higher conversion rate.

Post Consistent, Informative and Relevant Content

Content is still king. What that means is that you must offer high-quality content that’s also consistent, informative, and relevant for your Accounting customers. As you’re starting out, you must cover the basics first.

  • Develop pages that explain your service, including audits, tax preparation, etc.
  • Track your content creation via an Excel doc, where you can include keywords like “accountant who does taxes,” “CPA,” “audit,” “tax return,” etc. Add the descriptions and other details about the page.
  • Track ideas for content, so that you have a plan for the orderly roll out of topics.
  • Put all content through an editorial review process.

The goal of your content repository is to create a destination for your clients, so they’ll not only get the information they need to make a decision about our service, but they’ll also come back in the future when they have questions related to Accounting, Accountant, or CPA topics.

Seek Online Reviews and backLinks

It’s important to connect and network with other sites across the internet where and when it makes sense to do so. That also holds true for your clients. Particularly when your clients are positively enthused by your CPA services, ask them to leave a review. So, here are some tips.

  • Ask other businesses and acquaintances to add a link to your site so you can cross link.
  • Ask happy clients to post a review on Google My Business. Send them the link to make it super easy.
  • Ask your clients to tell their family and friends about their positive experience. You could even consider a reward system of some kind: a discount or some other “thank you”.

Particularly in a field like Accounting, trust is an important factor that your clients will take into account when they chose you. That’s why referral leads will convert up to 30% better, and those same clients represent a higher lifetime value. It’s essential that you reinforce the level of trust and understanding that you’ve developed with your clients. Show them you care and appreciate their continued business. Those connections are part of what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about.

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