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Congratulations – you’ve built a solid website for your accounting business. This means you’ve completed the first step. Now, you need to focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure your site remains authoritative and easy to find. Learning CPA SEO will take time, but it will be well worth it for you and your clients (both current and future). Utilizing SEO tactics will also help you build your credibility and provide an exceptional user experience to anyone who visits your site. If you are interested in SEO for accountants, the following information can be of great benefit to your SEO journey.


Before you start anything else, you will want to check out your Google My Business Profile. You can add, check, or edit important details about your business for potential clients. You should fill out the profile completely using professional photos that represent your business. You can also fully optimize your My Business information utilizing tips from Google Support.

Your Google My Business listing will help you build and maintain credibility and improve brand awareness. You can also use the Insights tool to learn more information about your target audience, which can help you better improve your SEO approach.


If you are interested in SEO for accounting, you will want to list your business on all the major directory websites. Listing your business across numerous channels can take time, but it can also increase brand visibility. 

When listing your business, use the following tips to your advantage:

  • Utilize major directories such as Yelp, Angie’s List, CitySearch, and the Better Business Bureau.
  • Create listings on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn utilizing a consistent user name.
  • Check sites to ensure the details of your business are correct and up to date.
  • Use to verify your online presence. Check each listing for accuracy and verification.

Once all your directory listings are verified and consistent, schedule a regular check-in to ensure they remain that way.


The speed of your website will have a major impact on your SEO for accounting, so you should gauge your site’s performance regularly. Even a brief load-time delay can cost you a potential client, and the loading speed of your site will affect your branding, conversion, and market share. You can use tools such as Think with Google and GTmetrix to test the speed of your site. Once you view the report from one of the previously mentioned tools, it is important to make improvements if necessary.

You can also A/B test to optimize your design and content for your target audience. It is important to ask your site visitors about their experience as well.


Finally, one of the most important aspects of SEO is posting content that is relevant, interesting, and accurate. Without the right content, your website will not rank well with Google and other search engines. Always be sure the content you produce is your very best.



If you are interested in accounting SEO, The SEO Gurus will be more than happy to help you. Your business is important, and with the right SEO company on your side, you can establish your presence and build your brand at the same time. Contact The SEO Gurus to learn more about how SEO can transform your accounting business.

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