How to Achieve Top Rankings with SEO for Accountants

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Search engine optimization (SEO) has become an essential element in bringing new clients to businesses. Accounting is a highly competitive industry, so it’s crucial to be up-to-date on the different strategies and tactics that can help you improve your online presence and stay ahead of your competitors. 

The SEO Gurus provides SEO services for accountants and CPA’s that increase traffic flow and improve online visibility. As SEO experts, we understand how to implement the correct marketing strategies with the best practices that have proven successful. Keep reading to discover a few tips on how to achieve top rankings with SEO for accountants

Tip #1: Enable a website design that works well for both desktop and mobile devices.

Viewing a website on a mobile device is significantly different than viewing it from a computer browser. Smartphones have taken over and are being used for just about everything including searching the internet for information about your company and the products and services you provide. It’s critical that your business website’s design is responsive and compatible with both desktop, mobile and all devices to be able to reach your target audience at all times.

Tip #2: Maintain listings on Google My Business.

People rely heavily on Google to find the right answers to their questions right away. It’s important for all accounting firms to have a Google My Business account because it will guarantee that when people are looking up your company in a Google search or on Google Maps, they will easily find you. 

Key benefits of Google My Business for small businesses:

  • Cost-effective 
  • Gain visibility on Google Search and Google Maps
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Earn trust from customers

Tip #3: Keep track of your rankings and page views with monthly reports.

Your rankings are where your business shows up on search engine results pages (SERPS) when someone searches for something relevant to what you offer — in this case, accounting services. SEO reports are an effective way to monitor, track and evaluate the overall impact that SEO efforts are having for your business. 

Some of the elements included in a monthly SEO report are:

  • Keywords and phrases you are ranking for and where you stand with each
  • What progress has been made
  • What actions have been undertaken and their impact
  • Recommendations for future growth

Take note that not only should you be paying attention to the strategies and tactics that have proven effective for your business, but it’s also good to know those that may not have been as beneficial in order to continue to move in the right direction for growth. Detailed SEO reports are both necessary and valuable when it comes to identifying certain areas that need more attention and to recognize both positive and negative trends. SEMrush, Google Analytics and Google Search Console are just a few of the tools that we use to build better SEO reports. 

Tip #4: Create noteworthy and original SEO content through the use of relevant keywords.

If you want to achieve strong organic search visibility, good rankings and solid website traffic, you have to be consistently creating optimized content for your accounting website. When your content and SEO are at their best, you have a combination that will propel your website to the top of search engine rankings. However when your content and SEO are not in tip-top shape, the results will be just the opposite. 

How to create optimized content for your accounting firm website:

  • Proper keyword research – This is a necessary step that will ensure that the resulting content can be found through search engines using relevant keywords and phrases.
  • Format your content for optimal readability – Most online readers have a short attention span when it comes to browsing websites and content. Make sure that your content is visually appealing, while also being clear and easy to understand.
  • Stay on topic – The content featured on your website should be focused, useful and relevant to whatever you believe the targeted searcher may be looking for.
  • Incorporate backlinks throughout your content – Linking relevant, authoritative sites can help ensure that search engines view your website as credible and trustworthy, which will improve your quality scores and search rankings. 

The SEO Gurus are trusted SEO professionals. We’ve been providing data-backed, value-driven SEO services for years. Contact us today to get started building your brand’s online visibility.

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